Consulting Services

VMAdmin Consulting Services:

VMAdmin offers a complete range of virtualization related services for hire no matter what stage the customer is at in their Virtualization Infrastructure (VI)

Virtualization assessment: using best of breed tools we will perform an assessment of your current infrastructure to determine the best candidate servers for virtualization and to size your initial Virtual Infrastructure.

Planning: based on assessment reports, VMAdmin will recommend appropriately sized Server, Storage and Network hardware to meet performance and capacity SLAs today and allow growth for the future.

P2V: using best practices, VMAdmin will plan and execute the Physical to Virtual conversion process to migrate your physical servers to virtual machines running on your Virtual Infrastructure.

Documentation: all aspects of the VI will be documented and delivered in a living wiki format for ongoing documentation

Monitoring and Training: keeping the VI running optimally requires proper monitoring and training.  VMAdmin will configure monitoring and train for operational readiness.

Troubleshooting: when the VI is not performing as expected, VMAdmin will gather diagnostic information and recommend a solution to resolve the issues.  For instance, VM alignment is critical to optimal performance - VMAdmin will assess all VM's alignment status and resolve misaligned VMs.

Upgrades: VMAdmin will plan and execute your VMware upgrades to minimize any downtime.  ESX to ESXi, ESX3/4->vSphere.

Reporting: VMAdmin will configure and schedule daily reports for the VI showing key metrics such as cluster memory and cpu capacity for scalability as well as VI events for auditability.

VMWare Products Covered:  ESX3.x, ESX(i)4.x, vSphere (ESXi5), VMware View, vCenter, DR via Site Recovery Manager (SRM), vCenter Operations, vCloud Director, vCloud Connector.

Sysadmin services: all the knowledge and experience of a 15 year technologist including system build automation to standup your VI quickly and in a repeatable fashion.

to jumpstart your VI today!