Sunday, December 31, 2017

GOPRO Karma drone can't download updates on google wifi

This is an off topic (from vitrualization) post - but hope to save some folks some time who might have the same issue:

TL;DR (at the top - why don't we put the TL;DR at the top?):

KNOWN ISSUE (google wifi + karma does not work) ref: - someone called GOPRO support and commented support knows this does not currently work 

Wasted some time on this (had the GOPRO support # on standby) before
DISCONNECTING the controller from google wifi and using a combination of Sprint wifi hotspot (so slow!) and xfinitywifi (shared,faster - thanks neighbour!) -

Issue #1: Karma controller could not download the required updates
(actually 4 software updates should be checked - all listed in devices menu):
#1 - v1.6 Camera (Hero6 in our case) REQUIRES
#2 - the Karma drone software to be v2.0,
#3 - controller to be v2.0,
#4  - gimble/gyro assembly even has its own software

Issue #2 - once the controller updated,  the software menu item says v2.0 (no updates needed)  - WRONG! -

what about the other  3 components?  To access the other 3 update components the (non-obvious to a new karma setup person) is accessed on the home screen - click on the upper right tiny icon (looks like a down arrow pointing down into a tray) - then and only then did we get all 4 updates done and the blessed green light appeared on the controller :)

Later, we had much fun on our first test flight

PS: looks like Sonos and google wifi also may be problematic: