Tuesday, April 8, 2014

ESXi 5.5 vulnerable to OpenSSL Heartbleed bug - 4/19 Patch Released

Today the existence of a serious bug in OpenSSL was revealed which allows an attacker to read the memory of your system including usernames, passwords, keys etc.

More information here: http://heartbleed.com

This site will check a URL for the vulnerability:  http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/ 

This command line tool also checks for the vulnerability- its a python script you can use inside your firewalled zones.

Our ESXi 5.5 build 1331820 servers have the vulnerability.
And fully patched ESXi 5.5  build 1623387 (as of 4/8) shows the vulnerability as well.
I've posted in the vmware forums asking about the ETA of a patch to fix this in our VI.

Update 4/9: VMWare has supplied a KB of products affected 

Update 4/19 - Patch Released:

Note: VMWare recommends updating vCenter before ESXi

VMware KB: Resolving OpenSSL Heartbleed for ESXi 5.5 - CVE-2014-0160

Confirmed the vulnerability is removed by this patch - folks should also cycle keys and update passwords

cd /etc/vmware/ssl
chmod +t rui.crt
chmod +t rui.key
passwd root

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting to the forums about this. Bug also exists in the 1623387 build (5.5.0u1)