Sunday, March 25, 2012

name NAS-HAdatastore already exists

I ran into this error when attempting to make the names of my HA datastores consistent.

"The name NAS-HAdatastore already exists"

But wait, it does not exist on this host.
As it turns out, the error message is quite misleading - it should say something like - "This datastore is mounted with a different server:/vol/path/ options on the other nodes in this HA cluster - make sure they match"

Sure enough, the other nodes had the datastore mounted with a trailing slash (server:/vol/path/) and I was attempting to add this mount without the trailing slash.
Making the mounts consistent resolved the issue and gave me the 2 datastores I needed for functional cluster HA!

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vExpert2013 said...

ran into a variation of this where the other hosts had the nfs server's IP address (vs DNS name)
remounting with the IP address resolved the issue