Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Error Updating VMware Tools

We all know how important it is to keep the guest OS hooked up with the latest VMware Tools integration (including storage timeout tunings). So why since esx 3 and through to vSphere 5 is updating vmware tools automatically such a pain? 75% of the time a vCenter initiated vmware tools update will result in "Error Updating VMware Tools" - under 4.x it was a vestigial tmp directory for windows VMs that prevented automatic upgrades, and for linux vms there was a missing /tmp/vmware-root dir the updater was expecting and errored out on - And I've just confirmed under the latest vSphere 5 build the same missing/expected /tmp/vmware-root BUG still exists!

I'm amazed this issue (bug) has persisted for so long especially with the increasing emphasis on simplified auto-deployment - these kinds of issues really inhibit efficient cloud, vdi administration.