Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FusionIO ESXi PVSCSI VM Benchmarking

FusionIO recently (3/27/11) released their ESXi 4.1 drivers:

So, I took the opportunity to put the 600Gb ioDrive Duo through some VM benchmarks.
NOTE: If you get VIB Signature errors installing the driver like I did - see:

With the release of these drivers, there was finally native support for FusionIO datastores for ESXi.
(Previously folks were doing things like running Starwind to export the FusionIO over iSCSI)

Lab Config:
Dell 1950 Dualk Quad Core Intel E5440 2.83GHz with 16Gb RAM
ESXi 4.1 U1

Benchmark Results:

HD Tune:

Default LSI SAS VM SCSI controller: 1222 MB/sec

PVSCSI VM SCSI driver: 1368MB/sec


Default LSI SAS VM SCSI Driver: 20721 IOPS @ 79% CPU

PVSCSI Driver: 21836 IOPS @ 33% CPU


These FusionIO throughput and IOPs numbers are around 4 times better than the Netapp 3040 40 disk aggr numbers obtained in previous benchmarks.

(1368-1222)/1222 = 11.9% better throughput with PVSCSI
IOMeter Shows: 79-33 = 46% less CPU with PVSCSI

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