Friday, October 8, 2010

VMware Fusion SSD performance

This week I took delivery of a much anticipated upgrade - a new Macbook Pro with SSD ( APPLE+SSD+TS256B )
The SSD macbook pro is performing as advertised – applications start up way faster

Ranks #8 on the SSD list of benchmarks here

Small random IO is way faster on SSD than HDD as this user noted:

In my tests I found IO intensive Operations were greatly sped up on SSD (y axis is time in seconds – lower is better):

Windirstat was over 7x faster
Windows XP restart was over 2x faster

Plus the battery life is extended with SSD and it runs quieter and cooler

Looking forward to being able run more VMs in fusion - the increased IO speed opens up possibilities to even run virtual ESX/ESXi - testing migrations and upgrades of the enterprise VI on the laptop!

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