Friday, September 10, 2010

Vib signature missing

Testing out ESXi 4.1 on a set of new Dell 610's in the lab I had no problem installing the Dell Openmanage VIB for remote hardware monitoring. But when attempting to install the Myricom driver for the 10GigE PCIe card I ran into this error:

Please wait patch installation is in progress ...
No matching bulletin or VIB was found in the metadata.No bulletins for this platform could be found. Nothing to do.

What this ended up indicating was the Myricom driver was for ESXi 4.0.* (as specified in the zip bundle's vmware.xml file) and did not match the ESXi 4.1 version so the driver installation is aborted.

I contacted Myricom for an updated driver and they did not have one ready yet but would I like to try a beta driver? Sure, this is the lab environment anyway, so I tried the new beta driver and received this error:

/tmp # esxupdate update --bundle=/tmp/
Encountered error VibSigMissingError:
The error data is:
Vib - /var/tmp/cache/cross_vmware-esx-drivers-net-
Errno - 20
Description - Vib signature is missing.

This was an expected error it turned out because the driver is beta, its not signed.
(I had also tried the route to remotely issue the update which failed with the same error)
The solution in this case is to add the --nosigcheck flag to the command to disregard the signature check:

esxupdate update --bundle=/tmp/ --nosigcheck

Up until now we have been all ESX, so besides breaking in the new hardware, this ESXi lab work is serving to help define the new administrative workflows, expose issues and develop solutions.
Since vmware announced ESX is done with this 4.1 version, we are investing the lab time now and do not plan to deploy any new ESX 4.1 hosts, instead we will deploy ESXi 4.1.


Mapes said...


Thanks to your post I've found out that Myricom has the beta driver. thanks for that. I have tried to install this and I'm getting this error
C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin> --username root -
-server --install --bundle b:\offline-bundle\ --nosigc
Enter password:
Please wait patch installation is in progress ...
Unable to read or write to database.Unable to tar bootbank DB to alt boot bank:
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/bootbank/pkgdb.tmp'

any ideas?

vExpert2013 said...

Have not seen the bootbank error before - perhaps try enabling ssh on the ESXi box, scp the bundle to /tmp and try the driver install locally on ESXi via:
esxupdate update --bundle=/tmp/ --nosigcheck

Mapes said...

Thanks for the input. I had tried that as well. No joy. I'm not that familiar with ESXi. Maybe I'm missing something but, oddly I don't see a local drive that I can use as a data store. Is that normal?

Unknown said...

Where can I locate the 1.5.2 driver?

vExpert2013 said...

@Clemenko: is the latest I've seen for ESX - I've been pinging them about the ETA for the signed driver.

vExpert2013 said...

We are all getting familiar with ESXi - I leverage the vmware community forums quite heavily for this!

ambi said...

Didnt work
I tried
esxupdate update --bundle=/tmp/ --nosigcheck
esxupdate update --bundle /tmp/ --nosigcheck
esxupdate update -b /tmp/ --nosigcheck
but no go

vExpert2013 said...

@Gajendra - did it report any error messages? What version of ESXi?