Thursday, September 30, 2010

Setup ONTAP Simulator in vSphere

I recently had cause to run some tests on different Netapp ONTAP versions (I am working through a vFiler failover bug with Netapp) and wanted to see if the bug is present in 8.x (we are looking to move from 7.x - but not just yet) - I created 2 instances so I could test snapmirroring between them and vFiler failover.
Netapp does not yet provide an OVF version (OVF recently attained ANSI standard) of the simulator so this one is currently designed to boot directly in VMplayer/Workstation, Fusion, but with vSphere (ESX 4.1) I found the cleanest way is to run it through the converter:

Here are the steps to get the simulator up and licensed:
1) download the simulator ( to the windows VM you have the converter installed on
2) unzip the file and start the converter, click Convert Machine
3) select "VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine" and browse to the .vmx you just unzipped
4) give the rest of the info including destination, name, datastore etc
5) once converted, you can boot it up and press CTRL-C for the boot menu
6) select option 4 to clear the config and reboot into the setup
7) provide IP address, name etc to configure the simulator
8) optional: login and issue options httpd.admin.enable on to allow the web interface
9) licensing: get the license codes from

Have fun recreating bugs ;) !

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much. I installed the VM via Virtual Center and couldn't get it to work. I almost gave up until I came across your blog. My sim is working great now.