Tuesday, June 8, 2010

VCP 410 Exam - passed!

Having worked exclusively with vSphere for over a year now, it was time to update my VCP3 to VCP4.
Today I took the VCP 410 exam and passed with a score of 431/500.
As I understand 300 is pass, 350 is required to be eligible as a VCI (instructor).
As I took the exam I marked 20 questions I was not 100% sure of for review (out of 85 questions total). I finished in about 1 hour (they give 90 minutes).
Passing this exam is required for VCP4 certification, along with the What's new in vSphere course I took over a year ago - I was told to expect a package from VMware in a few weeks.
Feels good all the studying paid off.
Having the VCP4 will allow me to purse the new advanced certifications announced last month by vmware.