Friday, April 30, 2010

iPad as mobile thin client

I had been using Wyse's PocketCloud app for the iPhone for a while, but found the screen real estate on the iPhone too limiting for everyday use - but with the iPad that limitation is gone.
Above are screenshots of PocketCloud connected via VMware View config to a Windows 7 linked clone running on a 2 node View 4 vSphere cluster.
I am using a VPN connection over wifi and administering the cluster via the VI Client!

So far I have not encountered any operations that I can not perform on this platform - PocketCloud provides a robust UI (including popup draggable mouse pointer for fine tuned clicking and right clicking, etc)

With the addition of multitasking rumored in the upcoming v4 of the OS, we can hopefully manage multiple connections and be allowed to leave the session and resume without having to reconnect as is now necessary in v3.x.

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