Saturday, June 27, 2020

Upgraded vCenter 6.5 to 7.0 and ESXi 6.0 -> 6.5 -> 7.0

I saw @duncanyb tweeting vcenter 7.0 was released
With a LAB env at vcenter 6.5 and ESX 6.0 I downloaded the vcenter 7.0 ISO

mounted the ISO and executed the WIN32 installer

as expected, I ran into the ESX6.0 not compatible for vcenter 7.0 and proceeded to update all 3 hosts in the lab to 6.5U3(Cisco custom ISO)

I re-ran the vcenter 7.0 installer and it still complained about one ESX host < 6.5
This was not reconciling with all ESX at 6.5 in vcenter, so I logged into the VCSA and ran postgres queries to determine one of the ESX hosts updated to 6.5 was still recorded as 6.0

So I put that ESX in maintenance mode, removed from vcenter and re-added it - now recorded as ESX 6.5

Re-ran the vcenter 7.0 installer and upgrade to vcenter 7.0 proceeded without issues


vCenter 7.0 proxy updates issue

I wanted to test the vCenter 7.0 build in update feature, and it failed accessing the previous vCenter 6.5 proxy
This is a known issue, and solved by disabling the proxy and ssh'ing into the VCSA to put the proxy settings into the VCSA /etc/wgetrc
vCenter update then proceeded without issue

Sunday, December 31, 2017

GOPRO Karma drone can't download updates on google wifi

This is an off topic (from vitrualization) post - but hope to save some folks some time who might have the same issue:

TL;DR (at the top - why don't we put the TL;DR at the top?):

KNOWN ISSUE (google wifi + karma does not work) ref: - someone called GOPRO support and commented support knows this does not currently work 

Wasted some time on this (had the GOPRO support # on standby) before
DISCONNECTING the controller from google wifi and using a combination of Sprint wifi hotspot (so slow!) and xfinitywifi (shared,faster - thanks neighbour!) -

Issue #1: Karma controller could not download the required updates
(actually 4 software updates should be checked - all listed in devices menu):
#1 - v1.6 Camera (Hero6 in our case) REQUIRES
#2 - the Karma drone software to be v2.0,
#3 - controller to be v2.0,
#4  - gimble/gyro assembly even has its own software

Issue #2 - once the controller updated,  the software menu item says v2.0 (no updates needed)  - WRONG! -

what about the other  3 components?  To access the other 3 update components the (non-obvious to a new karma setup person) is accessed on the home screen - click on the upper right tiny icon (looks like a down arrow pointing down into a tray) - then and only then did we get all 4 updates done and the blessed green light appeared on the controller :)

Later, we had much fun on our first test flight

PS: looks like Sonos and google wifi also may be problematic:

Friday, January 29, 2016


If you are looking for a centralized IDS logging solution with real time elastic search capabilities and security event classification, trending I'd highly recommend Wazuh based on Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) stack and its own fork of OSSEC.  Customizable, importable visualizations and loadbalanced scalability make this opensource project robust and valuable.

When following the implementation guide, make sure to use the OSSEC 2.9 fork

Friday, February 6, 2015

Quantifying TPS Savings now that its disabled - how much are you losing?

The most recent ESXi updates will incorporate a change in TPS.  Due to security (KB 2080735) considerations, TPS will be disabled by default.
As a vmadmin, your next question would be how much am I losing with TPS gone ?
Thankfully there is a tool to quantify exactly how much TPS is going on - credit @vmMarkA and @vBrianGraf.
As it turns out, our main clusters are only seeing 2-5% TPS savings (mostly zero pages) so this change will have no real impact.  I can imagine VDI type workloads could be the most impacted by this change - what are the max TPS numbers folks are seeing ?

vExpert 2015

Congratulations to the vExpert class of 2015, new and alumni alike, its an honor to be counted in your company!